Re: Mag Question

Hi Keith,
What version of gnopernicus and gnome-mag are you using?
Does the crosshair appear if you start the magnifier without gnopernicus
in a terminal? You can do this by typing "magnifier -mv". 


On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 21:02, Keith Watson wrote:
> Hi List,
> I have just gotten gnopernicus up and running, thanks 
> tremendously to Kenny Hitt for his help on that. We did have a 
> problem though. This is a brand new install of Debian Sarge and 
> the festival --tts command produces speech, but gnopernicus just 
> will not work with it. That is ok though as I despise the 
> festival voices and have the software dectalk up and running.
> My question is for those of you who use the mag functions of 
> gnopernicus. I tried to go into the preferences for magnification 
> and set the cursor for a full screen cross hair. I have checked 
> all the boxes and dotted all my i's but I still can't get the 
> cross hair to appear. Any suggestions?
> -- 
> Keith Watson
> kwatson smed yi org
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