Re: progress on gaim

Hi Cody,
    I'm able to use gaim with accessibility support as mentioned in


Cody Hurst wrote:
> hi list,
>  I just wanted to let those who are interested know that the following
> command still doesn't allow me access to gaim
> gaim GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
> gaim will start up but will not talk to gnopernicus. I have also done
> this following command first, followed by the gaim one above:
> export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
> then this
> gaim GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
> I am sorry if i am persistant on this, but I just need to get this
> working in order to break away from winblows. thanx everyone for help!!!
> Cody
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