Print to Speech / Braille

Hi all

I am not sure if this is correct for this list inparticular, but here goes

Most of the postings on this list is to do with what appears on the screen
and making it accessable to those who have impairments.

I have been looking for sometime for something that will enable me to scan
in a letter, or other printed document, and have it read back to me.

I know that there are dedicated scan to speech machines that will do this
for me but quite outside my price range.  The alternative is to use OCR
software and then read back the text file it produces.  This is a bit
cumbersome but works as long as the document is simply layed out.  Once you
get things like split columns and pictures etc it can begin to get rather
troublesome; however, the dedicated scanner/readers appears to get around
this fairly well.

So here is the question.

Does anyone know of any OCR software that has the ability to intuitively
create a text file that follows the text on the document, that is screen
reader friendly?  I doubt its existance but would it also have the ability
to send the text directly to the speech/braille engines or a file?

The idea would be that from one of the hobby magazines I get I could have it
read an article, and if I want to be able to refer back to it save it to
disk for future refence.



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