Re: Reorganising accessibility features in gnome (suggestion)

On 19 Aug 2005, at 15:52, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:

First, I would suggest collecting all the AT feature settings under one dialogue, the existing 'Assistive Technology Support'. This might require using tabs, as several other dialogues currently have.

There's a 'Preferences revisted' page on the GNOME developers wiki at, which suggests something broadly similar... you might like to read that, and perhaps contribute to the discussion there.

Second, when an AT feature is enabled in this dialogue the user should be given the option to install the required packages directly. In Ubuntu, this currently happens with the 'Shared folders' utility, so the infrastructure is already there.

That sounds neat, but a bit scary to implement... remember that the AT tools don't just run on Ubuntu, or even just on Linux, so this would have to work across multiple packaging systems and platforms. I think the GNOME project as a whole would have to come up a framework for install-on-demand features before individual projects started tackling it.


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