Re: Evolution and Email

   You have two ways to read a message.
Please make sure the Mail Preview Pane is showing (menu View->Preview Pane). You can keep press Tab until the mail body get the focus.Then press F7 to enter caret mode. A caret will appear in the message body. You can use arrow keys to navigate in the message body. Gnopernicus will speek the text near the caret. Or you can use gnopernicus' Flat Review mode. You can use File->Open Message to open the message you want to read in a seperate window. Then use the numpad to input 0,0,Del to enter gnopernicus' flat review mode. Now you can use numpad's 2 and 8 to read line by line. Please refer to gnopernicus's document for more info.


Kenny Hitt wrote:


Just what should be a simple question: how do you get Gnopernicus to
read a message?

I seem to be stuck on the tool bar.  I can get to what appears to be a
table called inbox, but I can't read any of the messages.

I'm running the latest Gnopernicus and Evolution 2.2 under Gnome 2.10.


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