Re: Latest version of Gnopernicus and where to get Orca

Hi Darragh:

I don't know how your distro has divided the gnome-speech and gnome-speech-devel packages. If you want to use FreeTTS with it, I recommend building from a tarball instead; try the latest version in "configure --usage" should give some info on the options you need in order to point to your FreeTTS directory.



Darragh wrote:

Hello again,
I've made some advancements since the last message however I'm getting stuck with finding and installing dependancies.

Maybe I'm wrong with this approach so hopefully someone can clarify things for me but if a source package doesn't install I generally try using the rpm package to see what dependancies are causing the problem. So far I found out that gnome-speech and gnome-speech-devel are required while compiling gnopernicus, and gnome-speech-devel is required while compiling gnome-speech. I tried compiling gnome speech from source as I wanted to get Freetts support. I've passed it my JSDK directory and the path to the lib directory for FreeTTS. I also give it the prefix /opt/gnome and it picks up the java access bridge automatically. Now, it configures makes and makes install without errors but when I try to install gnome-speech-devel-0.3.7 it complains that it hasn't got gnome-speech-0.3.7 installed. Perhaps I have to give it that path but I'm not sure where to look next. I've included a list of files I've downloaded so far.

Any help appreciated

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