Re: Compiling Gnome-Speech with FreeTTS.

Thanks for the help Willie. I have that compiled and installed however I've yet another question.

To check your installation, try the following (assuming you did
the configure with --prefix=/usr):

    o Does /usr/bin/freetts-synthesis-driver exist?  If not,
      something went awry with the configure, build, and/or

    o Run /usr/bin/freetts-synthesis-driver.  Does it crash?
      If so, what's the message you're seeing?

    o Run /usr/bin/test-speech.  Does the FreeTTS synthesizer
      show up?  If you select it, do you get any odd error
      messages?  Can you select a voice and have it speak?

Before installing this I didn't uninstall the current version of gnome speech. the two versions are the same so I assumed the latest install would just overrite the existing installation. was this an incorrect asumption?

This is probably OK as long as the --prefix you chose caused the
build to overwrite the installed version (as opposed to stuffing
the new install somewhere else).

You mentioned work spaces in your last message.

Sorry - I meant your own private directory where you are unpacking
and building the gnome-speech stuff.


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