Re: Compiling Gnome-Speech with FreeTTS.

Hi Darragh:

Hello, I have Gnome-Speech-0.3.6-4 installed and I'm trying to install FreeTTS 1.2.1.

When you unzip the FreeTTS 1.2.1 installation, it will create a directory
called "lib".  You need to pass this directory to the configure script
using the --with-freetts-dir switch.  For example:


You should also use the JDK from Sun that is available for your platform.
Specify it using the --with-java-home switch.  For example:


You will also need to set the pointer to your java access bridge using the
--with-jab-dir switch.  For example:


If you do not have the java access bridge installed, you will probably need
to build/install it as well: msg00051.html

Finally, though it can be dangerous, you're probably best off using

I forgot to pass the output to a file while making it so I haven't got the exact message however its looking for something like an output source. I have found a message in the archives which has directed me this far however I'm at a loss as what to do next.

You should be able to easily retrace your steps and get the error message. For example, just rename your current gnome-speech workspace to something
else and start over.

Finally, I'm looking for the string I need to pass to ./connfigure to compile brltty support. does anyone know what this is?

I'm not sure what you mean by this.  As far as I know, no such link
between the two exists, but I could be wrong.


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