Re: Is keynav to unavailable menu items a bug?

I would not say that key nav to unavailable menu items is a bug. It might be different from what is expected in the Gnome environment. But I don't see how it can be called a "bug". To me, a "bug" is something that is 
"broken", doesn't work, causes a crash, whatever. This is just different behavior. Indeed, I would find it not at all natural to have those unavailable nav items skipped. I'd rather be told they're unavailable than have 
them automatically skipped. If that "feature" isn't explained very prominently in the documentation for  gnome, I should think your gnopernicus users would be fairly confused at first, because menus would look 
different, depending on what was available. that would take some time to figure out, and while figuring, somebody might well think that their program or their computer or perhaps their screen reader was experiencing a 

Mary Otten
Senior Q/A Accessibility Tester
maryotten earthlink net

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