Re: Problems with gnopernicus and ubuntu

Hi, I think having the Gnome sounds turned on depends on your sound card,
and sound card driver.
I've had them turned on and never effected speech. I've seen on other
computers turning it on either locks up speech, or the sounds lock up.
In Fedora to turn off the Gnome sound effects You would open the pannel
menu, go to preferences, and then sounds.   In there is two check boxes you
can uncheck.Then you would go to close.

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> Hello all,
> I've sent  some replies on messages on this list, but now I see that these
> replies went to the senders  directly and not to the list. This  was not
> intention and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Below is the message that I
> sent to Luke:
> Hi Luke,
>  >Secondly, I guess you tested Festival when you weren't logged into
>  >GNOME. If this is the case, the reason why you aren't getting any speech
>  >output, is because esd is running to provide sound events to the GNOMe
>  >desktop. You need to turn this off before Festival will speak.
> I'm using alsa and I thought that alsa supported multi-channel sound?
> Anyway, how can I turn the esd daemon off?
> Bram
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