Re: [g-a-devel] success with gnopernicus 0.8.4 Gnome 2.6 in Debian

Hi Kenny,

Without a detailed list of the versions of all of the bits that you are running, it is difficult to attempt to diagnose anything. I'm very pleased to hear you have a very stable system with Gnopernicus now - the internal stuff we're running in Sun is reasonably stable for us.

Java is NOT a requirement for Mozilla access; only for StarOffice and of course for Java applications.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Kenny Hitt wrote:
Hi.  I recently installed a new Debian system.  I upgraded the box to
unstable.  I installed the Debian packages for Gnome and Gnopernicus.
In Debian, Gnome 2.6 and Gnopernicus 0.8.4 are the latest available.  I
haven't installed any Java support.  Since Debian doesn't allow Java in
it's main distro, I don't believe any Java packages were installed
as dependencys.
I've noticed I have a very stable system. I haven't crashed Gnopernicus
or any gnome app in the over 2 months I've been running it this way.
There are some problems with accessibility, but no problems with
stability.  On my other Debian box which has Sun's JDK installed,
Gnopernicus is very unstable.  That box's Gnome is basically useless.
Does anyone have an idea why a system using only Debian packages is so
stable while a box with Java support isn't?  The box with Java install
is completely stable for my sighted girl friend who doesn't use any
Gnome accessibility features.  That would suggest the stability problems
are part of the accessibility and not a general problem.

One other strange thing is Mozilla access.  the box with Java installed
doesn't have much access to Mozilla.  the box with all Debian packages
will allow me to read web pages using Mozilla-firefox.  The access isn't
perfect, but it is noticably better than anything I've had before.
I thought Java was a requirement for Mozilla access.  Can someone pleas
explain what is going on?


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