Re: [HELP] GOK : unable to display the keyboard

Hi Michel

There are several issues here. One, this is a kind-of old GOK (GOK is at 0.10.1 now), and I'm not familiar with the state of the Fedora Core 1 stack.

There are a couple possible problems however -
(1) XKB must be working correctly in order for GOK to successfully display the compose keyboard. You might try running GOK with the "--keyboard <namedkeyboard>" option:

gok --keyboard "Keyboard"
to see if GOK displays a mimic-physical keyboard.

Also you can run gconf-editor and select apps/gok, then uncheck "use_xkb_geom" to see if the alternate keyboard works for you. If it does, that implicates XKB.

The Menus, Toolbars, and UI Grab keys require that the currently focussed applications implement the necessary accessibility support (i.e. they must be gtk+ 2 or GNOME 2 apps, more-or-less, though there's support available for OpenOffice too if you know how to set it up). Also the 'assistive technology support' must be enabled in GNOME 2 for these buttons to do anything. Again you can check this in gconf-editor

/desktop/gnome/interface accessibility = true

but normally you'd turn this on via the Desktop Preferences->Accessibility->Assistive Technology Support dialog in the GNOME main menus. There should be more information in the GOK README (pay close attention to the section on 'alternative input devices' please, noting that running GOK via the primary mouse is inherently problematic), and elsewhere in the GNOME Help system.

Let us know what you discover.

best regards,


Hi, and thanks Bill and David for your answers.
In fact, at the end, I'm using the prebuilt gok-0.7.1-4 from Fedora
Core 1...

I can launch gok and access the Launcher, Activate and Settings
But, on gok 'main' :
- the buttons : Compose, Window and Pointer have no effects.
- the buttons : Menus, Toolsbars and UI Grab are greyed.

I'd like to precise I'm using a FR-Latin 1 keyboard and a french Gnome

Is there something to configure ?

thanks for any tip,

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