Re: Unable to get gnopernicus working with Cepstral.

Hi again
I got it working. I had to set the THETA_HOME environmental variable to where I installed Cepstral.

The only thing is, after a minute or so, sometimes even less, Cepstral dies, however after closing gnopernicus there is still a theta process running and has to be killed manually.

Forgot to mention earlier that I am running garnome 2.5.92, which is supposed to be 2.6rc1, gnopernicus 0.8 and gnome-speech 0.3.2. I have Cepstral Frank version 2.5.3


At 09:01 AM 19/03/2004, Luke Yelavich wrote:
I compiled gnome-speech using the option to point ot my installation of Theta Frank. All builds ok, however when attempting to load Gnopernicus, nothing happens.

Running it from a terminal states the following:
Driver named "Theta GNOME Speech Driver" has no available voices.

What do I have to do to work around this problem?


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