Gnome-speech isn't working

I've been running Debian's GNOME accessibility packages for quite some
time, but wanted to upgrade to the latest gnopernicus. The main issue
preventing me from doing so, though, is that the latest gnome-speech
seems to fail.

The configure script claims that the festival driver is the only one
being installed. Festival works with my current build of gnopernicus,
so I'm sure things are set up correctly. Yet, though I manage to build
a working gnopernicus binary, it doesn't speak at all. Additionally,
when I build gnome-speech and run test/test-speech, it prompts me to
select a server but lists none.

Has anyone else experienced this? IIRC gnome-speech should produce a
numbered list of working servers, but it doesn't seem to. What might
be causing this? I'm experiencing it with the latest CVS
checkout. I've tried running 'make distclean', rerunning
and completely removing the tree and refetching it, but nothing seems
to work.


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