Re: Progress of Gnopernicus

Hi.  I don't have bug numbers.  Just the fact you guys were willing to
release a version of Gnopernicus with broken flat review.  Gnopernicus
is the only access technology 	I've found that realeases a new version
that gives less access than the previous one.
In case you've forgoten, flat review is the only chance you have to get
anything useful from the help system of Gnome applications.  That
includes Gnopernicus.  How do you expect to get feedback from blind
people when there is no way to find out how to use the apps?

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 06:38:07AM -0800, Peter Korn wrote:
> Hi Saqib,
> > Just wondering if there are any of the Gnopernicus developers on this list.
> > I occasionally take a look at the ChangeLog, and can't help feeling, as a
> > blind user, that fundamental problems with its useability are not being met.
> > Just wondering if there is any roadmap for where Gnopernicus should be
> > before Gnome 2.6?
> What do you feel are the fundamental problems with Gnopernicus usability?  Have
> you filed bugs/RFEs for any/all of these (and if so, what are the bugzilla bug
> numbers).
> I know the Gnopernicus maintainers, and the entire accessibility team at Sun,
> are very interested in feedback, especially from blind users.
> Regards,
> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibility team
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