Re: Progress of Gnopernicus

Hi again, Peter:

Peter Korn writes:
> From: Peter Korn <Peter Korn Sun COM>
> Hi Saqib,
> > Just wondering if there are any of the Gnopernicus developers on this list.
> > I occasionally take a look at the ChangeLog, and can't help feeling, as a
> > blind user, that fundamental problems with its useability are not being met.
> > Just wondering if there is any roadmap for where Gnopernicus should be
> > before Gnome 2.6?
> What do you feel are the fundamental problems with Gnopernicus usability?  Have
> you filed bugs/RFEs for any/all of these (and if so, what are the bugzilla bug
> numbers).

Well, perhaps the new Bugzilla being deployed today, January 25, will
fix all the usability issues we've had for so long with Bugzilla

I'm afraid that Bugzilla is an impediment to bug reports from blind
users--at least those of us working in speech interfaces.

Janina Sajka
Email: janina rednote net		
Phone: +1 (202) 408-8175

Director, Technology Research and Development
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Chair, Accessibility Work Group
Free Standards Group

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