Re: gnome-speech and dectalk drivers

Marc Mulcahy <Marc Mulcahy Sun COM> writes:
> Hi Don,
Hi Marc and all,

> If you have gnome-speech installed in two locations, I.E., the one that 
> came with Fedora in /usr, and one you built in /opt/gnome-2.4, then this 
> can be the problem.  Make sure it's finding the right test-speech and the 
> right list of gnome-speech servers.
i personnally encounter the same problem as i already report here a few
days ago but for me it's with garnome (gnome 2.5 if I remember well),
gnopernicus 0.7.1 and gnome-speech 0.3.0. On my system gnome-speech is
only installed in the garnome tree. I try to build it with the
./configure --with-dectalk-dir=/usr/local as my DECtalk software is
installed in /usr/local/lib/ and /usr/local/include/dtk the result of
./configure shows me that DECtalk driver will be built but after running
make and make install I try to run test-speech and unfortunatly no
drivers appear !
> Based on the fact that the configuration indicates that it's building 
> DECTalk, and test-speech isn't showing the DECTalk driver in the list, I'd 
> suspect this is the problem.
> Also, ensure that the DECTalk driver is actually being built without 
> errors-- does the last line of the build show any errors?
in which file may I find the results of DECtalk built in order to see if
there is no error ? Have I made something wrong ? thx,
> Regards,
> Marc
best regards,


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