Viavoice synthesis and title bar in Gnopernicus

  Hi all

     I have some questions for the list. 

1.-  I'm using gnopernicus 0.7.1 with festival, but it no sounds very
well for me....

  So i have decided install and use ViaVoice, but i have been trying for
several days and i can't get it. First i had  problems  with
libstdc++-2-libc6.1 library, but i solved it installing
   Now, after run inigen and create a file eci.ini, i try to run sample
files and get an error message like this:

# ./runcmdlinespeak
# ./runcmdlinespeak: line 21: 21191 Segmentation fault
$CLSDIR/cmd/linespeak "Hello, welcome to ViaVoice Outlud for Linux"

Any hint about this message? I can't use any sample because they give me
'Segmentation faults'

2.- Using festival, i can't stop synthesis reproduction with Control
key. I think it's something of festival, but it's anyway to configure

3.- Some times, when i try to read title bar of the actual window,
gnopernicus hangs. It's solved in newer version in the cvs?

4.- I think documentation in web site of gnopernicus it's not update. Is
there any way to get update documentation to use gnopernicus

Excuse me for the long message and thanks in advance.
Juan Ramon


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