Re: Versions of products in Gnome 2.6

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 05:37, Saqib Shaikh wrote:
> I recently looked at the Fedora Core 2 Test 1 FTP site.  In particular I did
> a routine check of what versions of software they had, and it gave me a
> surprise.
> They have Gnopernicus 0.7.0 when the latest is 0.7.4, and they had
> Gnome-Speech 0.2.8 whereas the latest is 0.3.1.
> Now this in itself is not too big an issue - for example they also have out
> of date versions of BrlTTY - but what concerns me is that they have included
> the latest Gnome 2.5.x snapshot.  And since I believe Gnome 2.6 to be only a
> few weeks away how come a snapshot of Gnome 2.5 doesn't include latest
> versions of these two packages?
> I know its probably an oversite on Redhat's part, but I thought I should
> make the fact known here.  When Fedora Core 2 is released I really want to
> see the latest Gnopernicus and Gnome-Speech in there.  Also does anyone now
> who I should contact about updating BrlTTY, and asking why Emacspeak, which
> was present in Core 1, has been released in Core 2?

These are all questions you should be asking on the relevant Fedora
mailing lists, surely. They are Fedora-specific, not really GNOME
questions. Just bear in mind that there is always a small lead time
between when a package is released and when it makes it into a
distribution, even one such as Fedora. They need to some QA on the
releases and ensure that everything works together -- updating one
package may require updating a bunch of other packages and that can be
very time consuming when you have to do it repeatedly.


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