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Hello, Don.
Neither way should be used to launch gnome and gnopernicus. Both methods
below, the xinitrc and gnome session file,  were temperary solutions in the
early development of gnopernicus.

1. Make Gnome your default desktop.
2. From the command line type startx.
3. Once Gnome is started do alt+f2, and a run dialog will appear.
4. Type gnopernicus followed by enter.
5. A dialog will appear prompting you to activate the accessibility support.
answer yes.
6. Exit gnome and restart x.
7. Launch gnopernicus the same as in 4.
8. If you want gnopernicus to come up automatically there is an option to
turn this on in gnome-control-center.

Alternatively, if you have your system set to runlevel 5 you can log
directly in to gnome, and follow steps 3 through 8.
I personally have gnome come up on startup and launch gnopernicus when I
need it by doing alt+f2 and type gnopernicus, and enter.

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Hi all,

I am new to gnome and linux.
I have seen various things about using a .xinitrc file or using a
/.gnome2/session-manual file to start applications when I start gnome.

Which of these methods is better, especially if I want to start gnopernicus?

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