New xml To Braille Translator

This translator is based on Gnome libraries and bRLTTy. Here's the press 
release I'm sending out.


Computers to Help People, Inc. announces the alpha version of a new
braille translator optimized for technical material. The program, called
xml2brl, accepts both xml and plain-text files and produces "brf" files
suitable for printing directly on a braille embosser or for reading on a
braille display. It handles a wide variety of xml files, including
those exported from Microsoft Word as xml. At present, it runs only on
Linux, but a Windows port is planned. It is Open Source and free
software. To read more and download it, go to 

John J. Boyer; Executive Director, Chief Software Developer
Computers to Help People, Inc.
825 East Johnson; Madison, WI 53703

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