Re: error messages from orca

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 02:47:39PM -0500, George Kraft wrote:
> How did you build orca?  Are you using jhbuild?   Did you create an xml 
> definition for jhbuild to build orca?
> George (gk4)

Hi.  I just ran and then make.  I figured out my error
messages are happening because orca is looking for a script for my
gnome-panel.  I don't know enough about python to fix it yet, but at
least I think I understand what's happening.  Gnome-panel already works,
so there really isn't a need for a special script.

It looks like I checked out orca just before it got broken.  When I
tried checking it out later on the same day, the src/core directory had
been removed.  
Do you know if Gnome projects have a cvs anounce list?


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