Re: [Kde-accessibility] Annoucing libbraille


On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Hi Sêbastien:
> Thanks a lot for your work in this area.  I'll be looking more closely
> at libbraille in the near future, I hope.
> I hope you can look at gnome-braille (in gnome CVS) to try and avoid
> duplication of effort.  gnome-braille is mostly concerned with encoding
> and translation, and the rather tricky business of international
> braille, and not very much with hardware drivers, at the moment.

And don't forget the braille drivers in brltty. I used them as a base for
brass and I am thinking to change brass to use them again. I did the code
fork because at the time I did it they were not loadable at run time,
something I wanted to have. But know they are. With minor changes, they
should be useable as a common base. They support a lot of different
braille devices.


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