Re: Macro recorder using AT-SPI


Thanks for the reply, and for the good pointers.

I tried registering listeners for all of the SRL_EVENT_* events listed
in the gnopernicus code.  My test accessibility-enabled app is the GNOME
"Search for Files" application.  When I start this application with all
those listeners registered, I see listeners fire when I click on the
"Additional Options" expander or when I type into one of the text boxes.
However no listener is called when I click on any of the buttons in that
window (Browse, Help, Close, Find).

That was why I was trying to place listeners on GTK-specific events,
because it seems like accessibility just doesn't have any facility for
tracking button presses.

I would love to be proven wrong about this.  But a macro recorder that
can't tell when a user clicks a button will not be very useful.


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