Re: For First-Time Users of X-Server

Hi.  I think basic setup of X is something best handled on a mailing
list for your distrro or a local linux list.  X is difficult to set up for
everyone.  Redhat and Mandrake are supposed to be the most user friendly
to set up.  Debian versions prior to Woody are probably some of the most
dificult.  Redhat uses auto detection to do most of the setup for you.

Debian versions starting with Sarge have added hardware detection
packages.  They are still not required packages for the xserver-xfree86
package.  This means dselect will install them when you select
x-windows, but apt-get won't.
I've always been a Debian user and I do have X working on my systems,
but I wouldn't claim to no a lot about configuring X.  About the best
advice I can give is:  the inter net and lspci can help you
find out the info you need for your hardware.
Also, I've had to use the mouse several times to return focus to
a window.  I think a mouse is an important part of an X setup.

Even if your distro configures your x-windows system, you should really
take the time to read about x-windows and how it works.  It will help
you understand a lot more about what is going on with gnome and gnopernicus.

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 10:58:19PM -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Thanks, Adam.  Never having used X before, I've had huge headaches trying to
> configure it because I'm not sure about some of the information (video card,
> monitor) it asks for. This is another area that needs more explanation for those
> of us who have before been unable to use X. I think the xfreei6config was wat I
> tried to use, and I found it very frustrating. I am running debian.
> Cheryl
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