Re: How should at-spi be turned on?

Hi Gregory,

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 16:48, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> But my reason for playing with at-poke may be a reason to always load the
> modules. Last time I saw platform-wide GUI scripting discussed, use of AT
> was suggested as the way to do this. Using AT would should solve at least
> two problems "GNOMEScript" would have. As it's in the libraries and
> should already provide complete functional coverage, there's no need for
> extra work to support scripting. (AppleScript had this problem, afaik.)
> Because AT should be working regardless of where the X clients are running,
> there's no need for another rendevous layer like ICE's.

	IMHO; the accessibility code being 'always on' will have a very
significant performance impact; and is not really the right way to go
about setting up a general scripting infrastructure - although, clearly,
there are many useful ideas / implementations in there.



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