Gnome accessibility at CSUN conference

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gnome accessibility
developers for putting together an excellent demonstration of this
technology at the CSUN conference in Los Angeles last week, as well as
for their generosity in answering questions and discussing issues, not
only at the Sun booth but also in the Linux-related meetings held on
Thursday and Friday.

Indeed, I could not have asked for a better demonstration of the
technology. Inspired by this, I have been reading the API
documentation for the ATK library, which is available from the Gnome
developers' Web site. There is also a draft overview that
gives code examples and attempts to introduce the functionality
offered by the accessibility API for the benefit of Gnome developers
who wish to ensure the accessibility of their applications:

At present I think this document is the best starting point from which
to gain an understanding of the technology. As mentioned at the CSUN
meeting, though, further work on documentation is needed, and that's
one aspect of the project in which volunteers are encouraged to make

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