Howto for installing GNOME2.0 and Festival Speech System 1.4.2

Hi all,

attached there are two documents, one for describing installation of GNOME2.0 with accessibility support and one for the Festival Speech System on Linux e.g. to use Gnopernicus as screen reader.

These docs contain my experiences I gained at installing it on RH 7.1 and 7.2 as well as Debian.

If anyone would like to do comments on these docs or gains other experiences don't hesitate and let us know.

Thanks /-ralf

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How to install Gnome 2.0 with accessibility (a11y) support

This Howto was tested on RedHat 7.1; 7.2 and Mandrake 9.0. As a requirement you should have a running Java Runtime Environment. This Howto was tested with JRE 1.4.0.

  • Become root and untar it in “/”. This will extract the GNOME2.0 directory structure in /opt/gnome-2.0

    Note: GNOME2.0 will be installed beside a probably existing one. This should not interfere with your system.

  • Copy gnome-java-bridge.jar from /opt/gnome-2.0/share/jar to <JREinstall>/jre/lib/ext

  • Copy from /opt/gnome-2.0/share/jar to <JREinstall>/jre/lib

  • Become user that will use a11y

  • Type in console: gconftool-2 -s /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility -t string true

  • Create file .orbitrc in $HOME and add the entries ORBIIOPUNIX=0 and ORBIIOPIPv4=1

  • Edit your shellrc file to contain the following:




  • If you use a graphical login add /opt/gnome-2.0/bin/gnome-session to its configuration

  • Logout user

  • Login again, if you not use graphical login then type startx /opt/gnome-2.0/bin/gnome-session

  • GNOME2.0 should appear

  • As Gnopernicus is in the path it can be invoked by simply typing gnopernicus

  • IMPORTANT: Install StarOffice as usual. Do NOT install the Java JRE shipped with StarOffice. Select JRE that you modified with the java access bridge mentioned above.

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Howto install Festival Speech Synthesis System 1.4.2














  • Become root and create an installation directory

  • Download files mentioned above into this directory

  • Untar festival-1.4.2-release.tar.gz

  • Untar speech_tools-1.2.2-release.tar.gz

  • There are now two directories festival and speech_tools

  • Go to directory speech_tools

  • Type in console: ./configure

  • Type in console: gmake

  • To test the speech tools after compilation type in console: gmake test

  • To install the speech tools type in console: gmake install

  • Go to directory festival

  • Type in console: ./configure

  • Type in console: gmake

  • Go up one directory

  • Untar the other tarballs in this directory

  • To test festival go to festival directory and type in console: gmake test

  • To install festival type in console: gmake install

  • Become user that will use Festival

  • Edit your shellrc file to contain the following:


  • Relogin user

  • Start festival server by typing festival_server

  • Start Gnopernicus by typing gnopernicus

  • In Gnopernicus go to “Speech Settings” and select “Festival” as speech system

  • Restart Gnopernicus

  • Gnopernicus should initialize its speech module and say ”Welcome to Gnopernicus”

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