Re: keynav : in charpick

Deepa Natarajan wrote:
> Hi,
> While testing charpick for keynav compliance, i doesn't seem possible to
> select the toggle button using space bar and Enter.
> Pressing spacebar lists the default character set. So the default
> behavior of spacebar is overridden here, which is important for toggle
> button [i think].
> I was wondering we can change the keybindings for this ?
> Also the down arrow key displays a set of special characters. Does this
> overriding any default behavior ?

I agree that these are problems, and in particular the 
overriding of the spacebar needs to be changed. IMHO the
arrow key behavior is not right either, some other
mechanism for doing this (like a menu item with an accelerator)
should be provided instead.


> I was thinking this is a bug and raised a bug #75729. But require inputs
> from you all to know if i could proceed with these changes.
> Thanks in advance,
> Deepa.
> There is a known problem which i have mailed in this list: It is not
> possible move between the toggle buttons in the group of special
> characters using either left/right arrow key or tab.
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