Re: panel focus indication

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> writes:

> Semantically I think GTK_STATE_SELECT makes sense for this, and is what
> is used for splitter bars; but in the default GTK theme this looks
> pretty ugly.  But this is easy to override for the panel however, in a
> gtkrc file, it's just a matter of choosing a default (now).

> * we can easily override the PRELIGHT colors for the 
>   panel to reduce the perceived problem for users who 
>   don't need bold highlighting, via a trivial RC-file 
>   addition.

I agree, except that I think we shold use the SELECTED colors for
this. A theme that decides that normal prelighting is ugly and thus
sets PRELIGHT=NORMAL should not need to special-case the panel to get
keyboard focus back. The theme can change the dark blue color to
something else if it wants to.

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