Re: [Usability]keynav issue with mini-commander applet

> > while tabbing through the applets in the panel, it doesn't seem possible
> > to - Tab out - of the mini-commander applet [using Tab or shift+Tab ].
> >
> > The problem here is the GtkEntry box in the mini-commander eats all the
> > key operations like Tab, shift+Tab etc. for command completion feature.
> >
> > If a solution to this has already been deviced, please let me know.
> >
> The usual solution is to allow Ctrl+Tab to get out.
> The right solution in this case is probably to do completion like a
> web browser location bar instead of with Tab, but implementing that
> well can easily take a couple of weeks.

Oh good, if we have something like command completion, then we can use
tab to move to the next widget within the applet. 
i.e. use Tab to move from the Entry box -> the browser button -> history
button. Or should this be a different key binding ?

Thanks in advance,

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