Re: Hot key list?

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 10:54, Thomas D. Ward wrote:

> Hi, can anyone tell me where I might obtain some documentation on every hot
> key that is found in the gnome 2.0 desktop?

Hmm... depends exactly what you mean by "hot key".  The GNOME UI
guidelines lists the standard application-level keyboard shortcuts that
GNOME 2.0 applications ought to use:

but unfortunately not all GNOME 2.0 applications fully comply to this
yet, and of course it doesn't cover functions that are specific to
particular applications.

At a lower level, a proposal for the keyboard navigation for each
individual widget can be found here:

but it's a little out of date now, and not everything ended up quite
working exactly as this document proposed.

Finally, the GNOME documentation team is writing a document describing
how to navigate/use all parts of the desktop using only the keyboard,
but this won't be available for a few weeks yet.

> Also is it possible to link a key asignment to a certain icon so tthose
> without vision  might be able to simply load the app without having to go
> through the apps list?

Not currently, but somebody is actually working on that feature right
now, so it will hopefully be added within the next few weeks.


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