Re: Can the Blind use Gnome?

Hello, Glenn. Well, Gnome access is still under development, and the
Gnopernicus screen reader and Gnome speech drivers aren't quite complete
yet.Also no one has yet written a Dectalk driver for Gnome at this point
although I'd like to certainly try it.
However, if you want a shell based screen reader that works with bash, and
popular programs like emacs, lynx, pico, pine, etc try Speakup 1.0. It is
kernel based and there talking boot disks so you can install your Linux
system using your Dectalk Express.
Being blind myself Speakup has braught a new meaning to access when you
concidder using the Red Hat talking setup disks in which you can partition,
format, and install Linux from scratch.

For more information on Speakup and the talking setup disks for Red hat

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> Hello,
> I use a DECtalk external synthesizer, and I care not for windows, but
> another OS  is captivating.
> I do use windows, and DOS, and I have considered using linux.
> Question:
> Is there software written for Gnome that works with a DECtalk synth?
> I have a p4 1.7GB, 256MB RAM, and am currently using windowsME.
> Thanks for any info.
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