2nd Linux Accessibility Conference: Starting Points

Dear All,
     Forgive me for sending this to so many mailing lists (or if the message 
is slightly off-topic), but the first time I sent out his message I didn't 
get many replies (thank to those who did reply).  Even if you can't go, don't 
want to attend remotely, or don't think the event is necessary, it is helpful 
to hear from you, as I don't want to waste the time of the very kind folks at 
CSUN if the majority of the community does not see a need for an event or 
gathering at this time.  Futhermore, the earlier I can get a reading about if 
we want to have an event, and what basic parts there will be, the better I 
can advertise it (again with the help of the kind folks at CSUN).  So, thanks 
for your input.

NOTE: If you are on another mailing list, please don't "Reply All", instead 
reply just to "fdawg speechinfo org" (and 
"ocularis-conference lists sourceforge net" if you would like).

Once again let me apoligize if this message is slightly off-topic, but as you 
may know the Linux accessibility community is rather spread out and hard to 
contact all at once very efficiently.


--JP Schnapper-Casteras

Original Message:

Dear All,
     I am organizing the 2nd Linux Accessibility Conference at CSUN
2002.  The conference has not been "officially announced" yet, as there
are many details that have to be worked out.  Despite this, I am sending
out this e-mail to try to get a sense from people about participation
levels (e.g., submitting a paper, proposal, or status report),
attendance levels (remote or physical), and about the length of the
event (all of which are very difficult for me to estimate).

I am also sending out this e-mail because I want to try to open up as
many decisions as possible and within reason to the community (e.g.,
deciding the format of the discussions or the topics that should be
covered), which I think can produce a better conference.

Included below are some of my initial thoughts (I also  have another
document I can post later with other notes about logistics and other
things to keep in mind).  Feel free to comment on any aspect of this
text. If you read this and would simply like to express your interest in
participating or attending please give your e-mail the subject "My
Participation in LAC2" or "My Attendance of LAC2" respectively (you can
still send it to the mailing list).


--JP Schnapper-Casteras


General Opportunities and Objectives:
- To present ourselves (our community and our software) to the rest of
the AT industry
- To have developers and users exchange ideas
- To improve our work, community, and collaboration with others and each
other according to the input of the AT industry and members of our

Activities with AT industry:
- Basic introduction to Linux
- Demonstrations (very important)
- Pamphlet with information about how to implement Linux in your (AT)
company / organization
- Question and answer session (open discussion)

Intra-Community Communication Activities:
- Announcements of new efforts
- Very brief status reports on all efforts in community
- Presentations (virtual or physical) of papers (in various categories);
some papers may not be presented and only available as text (in various 
- Question and answer session (open discussion)
- Give away of accessibility-related free software on CD (perhaps with
conference texts included) (?)
- Reception (?)

Community Strengthening Activities:
- Very brief wish lists, proposals, or statements of vision / goals
- Discussion of these texts
- Brief proposals of discussion topics and allotted time
- Discussion of these topics
- Informal summary or agreement (perhaps formal decision) on subsequent
course of action

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