Re: [DEVEL] Accessibility for BonoboControls

On 24Sep2001 12:19AM (-0400), Michael Meeks wrote:
> > (g) bonobo controls that are in a separate process space must not
> > register as separate apps with the Accessibility_Registry (thus they
> > behave differently from other Gtk toolkit clients). [met if bonobo
> > control factories ignore GTK_MODULES ?]
>         Any environment variables will be inherited via.
> bonobo-activation-server; so it rather depends on how the activation
> server is activated I think. Possibly we could persuade Maciej to clobber
> GTK_MODULES somehow though.

I can do that. It's already done for the session manager environment
veriable. Is it definitely the right thing to do though? Should Bonobo
controls ignore other Gtk modules too, and not just the
accessibility-related ones? I don't think that would be right.

 - Maciej

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