KEYNAV:GtkMenubBar And Accessibility (bug 53543)

Pressing the F10 key when there is a menubar available in the current
context should give the menubar focus, indicated visually by highlighting
the title of the first menu in the menubar (but *not* posting the menu).

<POB> Pressing F10 opens the first menu in the menu bar. It is not possible 
to hightlight the title of a menu in the menu bar or a menu item, which has
a submenu, in a menu without posting the menu.</POB>

At this point:

- pressing the left arrow or Shift+Tab should move the focus to the
previous menu in the menubar, wrapping around if necessary, but not posting
any of the menus in the process;

- pressing the right arrow or Tab should move the menu focus to the next
menu in the menubar, but not posting any of the menus in the process;

<POB> As noted above it is not possible to move between menus in the menubar
without posting the menus. The focus will be in the first menu item,
assuming that it does not have a submenu. The arrow keys work because it
changes focus to the first menu item to the left of the menu item which 
currently has focus </POB>

- pressing the down arrow or Enter should post the currently-focused menu,
moving keyboard focus to the first enabled item in that menu

<POB> As noted above the first menu item already has focus.  Pressing Enter or 
Return key activates that menu item. </POB>.

- pressing the mnemonic access character of any menu title in the menubar
(including the one that currently has keyboard focus) should give focus to
the next menu in the menubar with that access character.  If the access
character is unique amongst the menu titles in the menubar (as it normally
ought to be), the menu is also posted, and keyboard focus is moved to the
first enabled item in that menu

<POB> One problem with this is that it is not possible for a menu title in a
menubar to have focus. If no menu is posted then pressing a mnemonic
brings up a menu; however after pressing Enter on a menu item the title
in the menu bar looks focussed; this behavior is different from what happens
if the menu was posted by using F10. </POB>

- pressing Esc or F10 should remove keyboard focus from the menubar, and
return it to the component that previously had focus.  (Don't know if you
can realistically implement returning focus to previous component at the
gtk level; may just be a styleguide issue?)

<POB> This works </POB>.

[Check for any
later proposals that may not have filtered through to this bug report yet]

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