Re: KEYNAV:GtkEntry And Accessibility (bug 53763)

Hi guys,

> By default, when a GtkEntry field has focus, Tab should insert a Tab
> character, and Ctrl+Tab (or Shift+Ctrl+Tab) should navigate focus away 
> from that control.
> <POB> This is not implemented. Is this a nice to have or a mandatory?
> </POB>

It, or something like it, is mandatory.  Otherwise it is impossible to
navigate through any window that has a GtkEntry field in it.  Though at first
it was a bit wierd, I've grown used to "option 1" - Ctrl-Tab to move out of a
GtkEntry field, using Tab everywhere else.  

> Since entering a Tab character in a single line entry field is often
> undesirable or not useful, though, it might be nice if GtkEntry controls
> supported a "don't allow Tab characters" flag (which ISTR is what MFC
> allows).  Pressing Tab (or Shift+Tab) in a field that has that flag set
> would also then navigate focus away from that control, rather than
> inserting a Tab character.
> <POB> This is not implemented. Currently a Tab in a GtkEntry moves to the
> next field, How important is it that the default be to allow a Tab
> character rather than not allow a Tab chanracter? </POB>

I think this is less important, though doing so would duplicate Java and make
life easier for many.


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