Re: KEYNAV:GtkTextView (bug 53934) and Accessibility

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> Given that Ctrl+Home followed by Shift+Ctrl+End will select the whole text
> buffer and Shift+Ctrl+Home will deselect the buffer how urgent is an alternative
> method of doing it?

I think most people would expect Ctrl+A to work (and Shift+Ctrl+A to
deselect all, which I don't think I had in the bug report)-- bearing in
mind this control might be used as the basis of a word processor, for
example, in which "Select All/Ctrl+A" is pretty basic functionality. 
(Although arguably the application could worry about implementing this,
rather than expecting the text widget to implement it itself).

I'm personally not fussed about the Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+\ shortcuts, though,
I think I included those for compatability with Java (or maybe it was
some other platform, but I certainly didn't invent them...)


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