KEYNAV:GtkTextView (bug 53934) and Accessibility


- Ctrl+Up/Down arrow should move cursor to beginning of previous/next

<POB> This is not currently implemented. The only paragraph related movement
which is supported is Ctrl+a which moves to the beginning of the current 
paragraph and Ctrl+e which moves to the end of the current paragraph.
I have added code to gtktextview.c which does this. </POB>

- Ctrl+Home/End should move cursor to beginning/end of buffer.

<POB> This is currently implemented.

- Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn should move cursor left/right by one view width (same as
clicking in scrollbar shaft), cursor set to first character or object in

<POB> I have a problem with this in that when I tried to reduce the width of 
a window containing a GtkTreeView, the text seems to reformat itself so that
a horizontal scroll bar is not needed. </POB>


- Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down arrow should extend selection to beginning of
previous/next paragraph.

<POB> This works but I have no idea how. </POB>

- Shift+Ctrl+Home/End should extend selection to beginning/end of buffer.

<POB> This works but I have no idea how. </POB>

- Shift+Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn should extend selection left/right by one view width

<POB> This does not work as the navigation does not work. </POB>

- Ctrl+A or Ctrl+/ should select whole text buffer by default, Ctrl+\
should deselect whole text buffer.

<POB> This does not work. </POB>

(Suggest emacs-style keybindings aren't supported by default, but via
whatever desktop-global themable keybindings support is in 2.0.)

[Check for any
later proposals that may not have filtered through to this bug report yet]

------- Additional Comments From Owen Taylor 2001-06-01 11:19 -------

*** Bug 50081 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

------- Additional Comments From Havoc Pennington 2001-08-29 16:34 -------

The above seems to cover movement bindings but not edit bindings. 
Here is what we have now, a mix of Emacs and Windows bindings:

 Ctrl+Space - set Emacs style mark
 Ctrl+d     - same as Delete key
 Ctrl+Del   - delete to end of word
 Ctrl+Backspace - delete to start of word
 Alt+d      - delete to end of word
 Ctrl+k     - delete to end of line
 Ctrl+u     - delete current line
 Alt+space  - delete all whitespace around cursor, reinsert single   
 Alt+backslash - delete all whitespace around cursor
 Ctrl+x     - cut to clipboard
 Ctrl+v     - paste from clipboard
 Ctrl+c     - copy to clipboard 
 Ctrl+w     - cut to clipboard
 Ctrl+y     - paste from clipboard
 Insert     - toggle overwrite mode

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