1) The state ATK_STATE_VISIBLE for an object specifies whether the object
*wants* to be visible. not whether it is currently on the screen. This is
how it is implemented for GailWidget and how it works in Java but not how 
the state is implemented in gailtreeview.c.

2) Number of accessible children of a GailTreeview.
In Java, the number of children of a AccessibleJTree is 1 or 0 depending on
wheter there is a top-level node; it seems that the number of children of a 
node are the number of objects at the next level for an expandable node.
Fot a JList it is the number of items in the model.

In gailtreeview.c we multiply the number of rows and columns returned by
gail_tree_view_get_n_rows() and gail_tree_view_get_n_columns().
gail_tree_view_get_n_columns() returnsd the number of visible columns.
I suggest that the number of columns should be the actual number of columns
and a cell should not have the state ATK_STATE_VISIBLE set if the cell
is in a GtkTreeViewColumn which is not visible.

If the GtkTreeModel is not for a LIST store I would like to implement the
number of children as is done for Java, i.e. an expandable cell would have
children; the number of children being the number of rows at the next level
multiplied by the number of columns.



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