To Gail, or not to Gail

We have briefly discussed what accessibility support should go in gail, and what should remain separate. I am working on accessibility for libzvt as well as libgnomeui, both currently in separate libraries. At this rate, the process of collecting all the libraries needed to implement accessibility on behalf of the core GNOME libraries will become difficult. I propose, since GAIL stands for "gnome accessibility implementation library", that it covers the following libraries:

libbonoboui (to the extent it's needed in Gail)

Basically, this encompasses all the core GNOME libraries. This way, we only would have to ship one shared library to cover accessibility for all core GNOME libraries. I realize that we may want to handl dynamically loading accessibility support in the future, but that probably won't happen in the short term, so I think moving everything into Gail at least for now makes sense.

Comments?  Flames?


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