Properties and signals in ATK

I have gone through the properties defined in atkobject.c and propsoed to remove 
the following:

1) PROP_CHILD ("accessible-child")
children-changed signal (with add or remove detail) is emitted when child is 
added or removed

2) PROP_SELECTION ("accessible-selection")
Replace with "selection-changed" signal

3) PROP_VISIBLE_DATA ("accessible-visible-data")
Replace with "visible-data-changed' signal

4) PROP_MODEL ("accessible-model")
This is used only in GailTreeview when either a column has changed visibility
or the model has changed. Use "visible-data-changed" signal instead.

5) PROP_TEXT ("accessible-text")
Use text-changed signal defined for AtkText interface

6) PROP_CARET ("accessible-caret")
Use text0caret-moved signal defined for AtkText interface.

If you object to any of these changes please speak quickly as I propose to make 
these changes tomorrow.


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