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> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> > Focus in menu bar
> > =================
> > Should the mnemonics for the menu items in the currently displayed menu 
> Yes.
> > Should the mnemonics for items in the menu bar work? 
> Hmmm... that's a good question.  You've probably just hit upon the
> reason why Windows allows you to give focus to menu titles on the title
> bar *without* posting the corresponding menu-- so you can use mnemonics
> to navigate around the menu bar before posting your chosen menu.
> I think given the way we're implementing it, though (i.e. menu is always
> posted, even though focus remains on menu title), mnemonics for other
> menu titles on the menu bar should *not* work in this situation.  That
> is, once a menu has been posted, only the mnemonics on that menu should
> be active, even if focus is still on the menu title and not within the
> menu itself.  Anyone disagree...?

I am not sure I agree. The mnemonics apply to the current menu, i.e. the lowest 
menu in the hierarchy with a selected menu item. If we changed that behavior we 
would also be changing it for the situation when a menu has a menu item which 
has a submenu; if the menu item was selected the submenu would be displayed and 
the mnemonics would apply to the submenu.

> > Should these be entered by Alt+key?
> Once a menu is posted, it should ideally be possible to activate the
> items on that menu by pressing the mnemonic key either with *or* without
> the Alt key.  This minimises the amount of keyboarding effort required
> to activate a menu item if you know you don't have to hold down Alt, but
> doesn't penalise you if you don't.  (A new user might logically assume
> you have to hold down Alt, as you do everywhere else).
> This assumes that accelerator locking is on, though, something which I
> think Havoc suggested would be the default for 2.0, and Owen suggested
> wouldn't  :)  If accelerator locking is switched off, you'll always have
> to press Alt+mnemonic in this situation, otherwise you'll end up
> re-assigning the accelerator of the currently-focused menu item instead.
> > Focus in menu
> > =============
> > I assume that entering the mnemonic character for any menu item should 
> > the menu item.
> Yes.
> > Should mnemonics for menu items in previous menus or menu bar work?
> I don't think so, no.  Same reasoning as before-- once a menu is posted
> and has focus, only the mnemonics for that menu should be active.
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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