Re: Keyboard navigation in JHTML component

Earl Johnson wrote:

> My thought was this wouldn't show up till the user engaged in keyboard
> navigation on a page. It would go away when a new page was visited
> until the user again engaged in keyboard navigation on the new page.

Okay, that's pretty much what I was thinking originally as well.

> If block is just un-hilited text and objects then I vote to consider
> the whole page, a block. 

Yes, that's what I meant when I was talking about a "block"... sorry for
my confusing terminology!

> If the page contains frames then each frame would be considered a block so 
> the arrow navigation respects the frame boundaries.

Yes, that makes sense.  

Actually, thinking about it now, all we're really describing here is the
way any half-decent graphical webpage editor works (e.g. Dreamweaver, or
even Netscape/Mozilla Composer), except typing is ignored, and pressing
Tab moves you between the active elements of the page (or between the
static text and the active elements of the page), rather than inserting
a Tab character.  It seems pretty simple now that I think about it this
way, and it's sort of embarrassing that I didn't make the connection


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