Re: Yet more treeview musings


> I'm a little puzzled by parts of this discussion.  The AtkObject
> created for a tree view cell is renderer-type-dependant, and the
> factory instance used to create it is keyed to the cell renderer's
> GType.  So if someone adds a new renderer then they must add an
> appropriate AtkObjectFactory for the cell objects - creating, in most
> cases, subclasses of GailCell (GailTextCell is an example which we
> will be implementing).  
> The additional, context-widget-specific behavior is contained in the
> Gail implementation for the containing widget (e.g. GailTreeView) and
> exposed as a consistent interface which GailCell widgets communicate
> for their content, edits (for mutable cells), and update
> notifications.
> This was my understanding of the plan.

This is my understanding as well.  I think my response to Marc's
email highlights a way that he can resolve his issue without deviating
from this plan.


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