Re: Keyboard navigation in JHTML component


My general suggestion would be to do whatever Microsoft's
Internet Explorer does within reason.  Most computer users
with disabilities are already familiar with keyboard navigation
on the Windows platform.  Doing something gratuitously different
would only confuse them without providing any additional benefit.


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> Lynn Monsanto wrote:
> > The only keyboard navigation that is supported inside the Java HTML
> > component (javax.swing.JEditorPane) is navigation between hypertext
> > links.  Contact the Mike Albers for the definitive HCI answer.
> Okay, thanks... well in that case, we need to come up with a proposal
> for how we can do it better in the GNOME HTML component, and quick  :)  
> Anybody got any suggestions as to how you would select/copy text and
> images etc. from an HTML page without using the mouse?  I guess you'd
> need some sort of selection cursor, but you wouldn't want one of those
> showing up in every page that your browser threw at you-- maybe it would
> only appear when you gave the HTML component keyboard focus?
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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