Re: Action to toggle-expand a row in a GtkTreeView

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> Brian, Bill,
> Do we intend to have an accessible object which corresponds to a row in a
> GtkTreeView?

I don't think so, my understanding is that children are all cells.

If we do it for trees then we should do it for tables as well (i.e.
cells are children of rows, which are children of tables...)

but this would be contrary to what Java does and thus would create
problems for the SPI.


> I have seen the transcript of an xchat session between Brian and Jonathon
> Blanford in which there was a reference to implementing AtkAction on a cell
> (presumably any cell of a row) rather than on the row.
> Is there a consensus on this?
> Padraig
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