Re: SPI interface definition.

mongoose magic shiman com wrote:
> Is this the latest definition of SPI?

This is basically still valid but there have been some revisions and
bugfixes, as you expect.

> Line 80 looks like it should be
> void deregisterGlobalEventListener (in AccessibleEventListener listener
>                                     in string eventName);
> Not to be nit-picky, it just makes me wonder if there's an updated
> version.

Right.  At the moment we've been focusing on implementation details
just to make sure the SPI described above is cleanly implementable
within the rest of our architecture (so far it looks fine).

I can put an updated version up tomorrow if there's interest, yours is
nearly the first feedback on the IDL.  AT developers might be more
interested in the C bindings, in the header file that's posted in the
same directory.  That header file could use an update also...



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