Re: Linux Window Managers and Accessibility

Sasha said:

>Host name might be a better solution, and by the way, fits into 
>standards - ICCCM WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property could be used.

Right, thus the suggestion of char* for the parameter type in the method 
mapping application ids (including hostname) to Desktops.

Carl said:
>> I'm not sure I understand the problem exactly.  Does the
>> AccessibilityBroker connect to the X server?  If so, I would think
>> that the Window ID of some distinguished window in the application
>> would be a better identifier.

Not all accessible applications will have associated windows.  Also it's 
not clear which window should be "distinguished".  The 
AccessibilityBroker itself has no inherent reason to connect to X.

The goal here is to map an accessible application's unique 
identification info (provided by the app when it registers with the 
AccessibilityBroker) onto the appropriate desktop/desktops.

I do think it a safe bet that if an accessible application *does* have 
any windows mapped, they will be mapped to the same X server that the 
window manager is serving.


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