Re: Dialog buttons

Gooerge would be in good company -- in the open look UI, Enter moved to
the next text entry in the dialogue until you get to the last, and then it
moves focus to the Default Action Button, and then finally another Enter
presses the Default Action button (which is clearly marked by a double
ring round it, ad might say "Save settings" or "OK" or whatever).

In SoftQuad Author/editor, control-enter, shift-enter or meta-enter
would initiate the default action (I forget whether it depended on the
platform of if any of them worked).

Of course, in a multi-line text box, pressing Enter should put a line-break
into the dialogue box, not close the dialogue or move on.


Liam Quin - Barefoot in Toronto - liam holoweb net -
Author, Open Source XML Database Toolkit, Wiley August 2000
Co-author: The XML Specification Guide, Wiley 1999; Mastering XML, Sybex 2001

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